Adventure Bunny is on The Move! Personally, I Feel Better Just Knowing She’s Out There.

Hey kids!  Where did Little Bunny scamper off to now?  She teases us with the first two chapters of this fabulous story, and then she starts going on and on about some craziness that the stars are trying to talk to her or something, and then she vanishes like a little white rabbit into a magician’s hat.  What the what?!  I demand a refund.  Well, I want my money back, ya see?



Okay, okay.  I hate to disappoint, but I have been on an epic adventure of divine love and healing for the past month now.  I have followed my nose over 3000 miles, roaming all over the Great Republic of California from Mount Shasta to Newport Beach, from San Pedro to Oakland to the Richmond Annex, from Venice Beach to Ojai to Santa Barbara to Marin and all points in between.  It is an epic tale that I am just itching to tell, but my adventure has one more chapter I have to live.  I leave for New Orleans for the first time on Tuesday to meet up with one of my favorite old goats.  We have drinks to drink and spirits to greet and the music will be out of this world, man.  When I return to the City of the Angels, I hope to find the time to type up all of the incredible stories I’ve been spinning out there in the world.




Carly Bunny


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When Little Bunny Wished Upon a Star

If you missed the first chapter of this riveting, rambunctious (mostly) fairy tale, please click here. 

One bright spring morning in the Magic Desert by the Sea of the Spirits, all the little bunny rabbits had left their dusky dusty warrens to frollick among the chaparral and take in the cool ocean breeze, as magic little bunny rabbits do.

desert bunnyOut of the blue, a big-bright-brilliant-flash-of-light appeared suddenly in the sky, and our heroine Little Bunny landed amongst her furry kin with a thudly thud.  Struggling to stand, our gal Bunny was majorly disoriented and dizzy.  Shaking off the bends, she spied all the little bunny rabbits hiding behind shrubs and cowering in their hidey holes.

“Hey guys!  It’s okay, folks.  It’s just me!  Don’t you recognize me?!  It’s Little Bunny!  I’m back from the Enchanted Forest of Oakland!  I wish I knew what I was doing here…”  Then she remembered Señor Weirdo.  Ay, mi amor!  Not wanting to dwell on her sadness, Bunny threw herself into the gathering crowd of bunny rabbits as word traveled throughout the seaside canyon of her return.

While Little Bunny was born in the Enchanted Forest of Oakland and Beyond, she spent many of her formative years in the Magic Desert by the Sea of the Spirits.  Bunny was itchingly excited to catch up with all her favorite critters, both family and friends, who call the Magic Desert home.  So-and-so had another baby.  This-and-that died.  Other-and-such has started a new unexpected career.  And everybody put in a new sprinkler system.  Just your garden variety gossip round-up-and-catch-up.

As the welcome home meals and we-gotta-catch-up coffees subsided, the cobwebs in Bunny’s brain cleared.  What am I doing here?, she thought.  That question began to follow her everywhere she went.  Sometimes she heard it when her friends and loved ones actually asked it with their mouths.  Other times, the question would just float in amongst her thoughts as she stared out at the ocean at sunset or when she careened her chariot around town on yet another joyride.  Little Bunny looked for signs and omens everywhere, hoping to find the reason she had been sent to the Magic Desert.

But that horrid question simply wouldn’t go away.  Every night, Bunny would step out into the garden to talk to the stars.  What else was she gonna do?  Watch the Idiot Box?  No, not when she missed Señor Weirdo so much.  Not when she was waiting for her orders from the spirits so she could get started on a new adventure.  Each evening, Bunny would settle in by the jasmine and send a prayer up to the stars.  And each evening, she could feel Weirdo beside her, aided by the stars, until the love she felt from him dissipated into the enormous pulsing love of the Earth and the vast divine love beaming down from the Heavens.  And then…nothing.  No word came.  No directive or challenge or gauntlet thrown down.  Just nothing.

As night after night passed and Bunny went to bed without word of her new adventure, she began to panic.  Did I make the right choice?  Is there something wrong with me?  Why don’t I get the things I go after?  Is this a test?  How would I even know that?  Will my mission ever come?  Who am I without a directive?  After a few weeks of stewing in fearful existential queries, Bunny had lost the bounce in her hop.  She no longer looked or felt like a heroine.  Without a purpose, a shade of her faded every day.  Uncharacteristically, Bunny began to lose hope.  This had happened before.  Bunny knew that she had to be careful of who she admitted that to.  Many critters depended on her to have enough hope gushing out of her to keeping their hope alive too.

With few other places to turn, Bunny took out her deck of magic cards for guidance.  These were no ordinary playing cards.  Bunny’s magic cards were a mini oracle, from which the pure of heart could ask advice.  Bunny searched deep in her heart until she had finally crafted her question:  What sign should I seek to find my way forward?  Bunny held the magic deck tightly to her chest and asked her question with all her might until one card floated up out of her hands to hover before her eyes.  The Moon Card.  It appeared to her in a burst of golden light.  Ah, that’s it!  Bunny smiled a spreading, satisfied smile and then she headed off to her little bunny bed.  She would finally have her answer.  She only needed to commune with the moon on the lunar eclipse in three days’ time.  The end was finally in sight!

Moon CardBunny spent the next three days relaxing and recreating.  Knowing her new mission was on its way, now was the time to rest up and prepare.  She hopped around to the homes of her loved ones to visit and chat and eat sumptuous meals.  She hiked the canyons and hillsides and took in the beauty of the Sea of the Spirits at every opportunity.  Then there was her favorite pastime, wheeling around town in her chariot, getting lost in the drive.  So with a happy heart, a clear head, and a full belly, on the night of the eclipse, Little Bunny trod out to the garden, to the corner with the jasmine, to speak with Wise Old Grandmother Moon.  See, eclipses are a very special time when spirits like the Moon seem to speak more clearly than usual.  Once Bunny said her prayers for all her people and all her blessings, big and small, the air became sharp and everything looked clearer.  Bunny turned up to the Moon and surrendered.  “Wise Old Grandmother Moon, I come to you in humility and with a pure heart.  I have been sent by the Oracle to fulfill a mission here in the Magic Desert.  Please tell me how I can serve you in love.”

Bunny struggled to keep faith that the Moon would answer her.  Beat after beat went by before the Moon sung back to her, “Dear Bunny Child, if you are indeed pure of heart, go out into the streets, dear one.  Go out and collect the wishes of others who are pure of heart.  Then bless them and send these wishes up here to the Heavens.  This is your mission; this shall be your service of love.”

“Thank you Grandmother Moon, it’s a real relief to know why I’m here.  But, how will I collect these wishes?  Where will I find those who are also pure of heart?  Geez!  What should I wear?”  Bunny worried on.

“Dear Bunny Child, how easily you forget!  Just follow your nose, Little Bunny.  Your nose knows.”  And with that, the clouds poured in and the spirit of Wise Old Grandmother Moon was gone, leaving Bunny alone with her new cause and a gaggle of worries.

Wise Old Grandmother Moon

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Why Astrology, Silly Rabbit?!

In my wildest dreams this blog is no one thing.  I guess that’s why I called it LittleBunnyFollowsHerNose in the first place.  Taking a break from the riveting fable that is the misadventures of Little Bunny, I thought I’d let you take a peek into the depths of my nutty lil world.

Maybe you’ve already heard the rumor at the water cooler, but I am, in fact, an astrologer.  Some of you will be shocked to hear the news.

Some of you have known this for some time.  Well, this is goofy old me, for better or worse!  I do still have a (mostly) functioning analytical, critical thinking part of my busy brain.  And that part of me was not very pleased with the larger part of me that wanted to do astrology, lemmetellyou!  The cynical part of me dragged its feet and threw a temper tantrum until…until I realized I was getting in my own way.  And we don’t have to live like that no more, chillun.

I became interested in astrology this time around via transits.  It’s a love I can’t quit.  What are transits?  It’s just looking at the current positions of the planets to see where they are in the sky and how they are interacting with one another.  It’s the Planet Dance of Right Now.
I can look at the play between the planets and see what’s fanning out generally across creation, but I can also take a person’s birthchart and see how the current positions of the planets would line up with the chart and activate certain parts of that person’s life.  Astrology can point to hidden opportunities and warn you of times of difficulty and setbacks.  Please note, I do not use astrology to predict the future in detail, or, to put it another way, lots of things still happen happen to me that I don’t see coming.  I’m just a humanoid, folks.  We are only so smart.

Of course, as with all my healing modalities, I made myself my first guinea pig.  For the record, I have dabbled in astrology over many years, but as I mentioned, I always allowed to my inner judge-n-critic to shut down the pursuit again and again.  But as the year 2012 kicked off, I had a brick in my stomach.  No matter where I turned, I felt constantly queasy with no relief.  I was not recognizable to myself.  That’s when astrology called to me.  I intensified my study of the stars to an effort that could be equated with a second job or working full time while taking a full load at the local junior college.  As I learned about the era-defining transits of 2011-2018, I began to get a handle on my own mess.

Here’s a slice of how I’m livin’ these days.  For a number of years, Pluto is pushing me to express my creativity through a school of some very hard knocks.  For a hair fewer years, Uranus (and your anus) is raining some shocking, unexpected, buzzy jolts through my house of healing and transformation.  When I do things that work against these transits, my life becomes really painful, really fast.  When I work with these transits, I find myself stumbling through a world of serendipity, abundance, love and compassion.  That’s what knowing the transits has done for me.

If this grabs your interest, I will gladly do the same for your chart.  Drop me a line at with your name, birthdate, birthplace, and time of birth (as you are able).  For a mere 25 dollars, I will cast your chart and give you a heads up on your own personal astroweather.  Yay!  I always wanted to be a weather girl!  That way you can prepare for opportunities and setbacks on your horizons.  The more aware you are of the present moment, the more power you have to manifest your dreams.  And the present moments right here-n-now contain the pregnant potential to catapult you higher than you’ve dreamed or to suck you lower than low.

Oh, and I totally take PayPal.  Scroll up and hit the Donate button on the right.  Now here’s where you have a chance to be a super hero.  If six of you can financially commit to readings by this Saturday, October 5, then you will make one of my dearest wishes come true and in the most truest sense.  If ten of you can commit, then my wish will be accomplished with ease.  ***SPOILER ALERT***  Wishes will become a beautiful magic theme of this blog.  Get in on the ground floor now.

Jerry’s Final Thought:  Taking from astrologer Rob Brezsny, I only believe in astrology 80% of the way.  It’s a tool I use to help people, but when it’s not useful, I put it back in my lil red toolbox and reach for something else.  You always have free will.  You can always make the decision to navigate choppy waters with grace.  That’s the goal anyway.

Carly Bunny

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The Day After Happily Ever After

When last we left our heroine, she had wrapped up her life in the Enchanted Forest of Oakland to ride off into the sunset with her beloved, Señor Weirdo.  Alright kids, what do we say when we hear a story about two lovers riding off together into the sunset?  And they lived happily ever after!  Very good.  That’s right, class.  That’s what we used to say…

As Señor Weirdo and Little Bunny approached the edge of the Enchanted Forest of Oakland, a Giant Caterpillar appeared suddenly in front of them.  Bunny was barely able to screech her chariot to a stop as she secretly hoped that someone had spiked her kombucha with LSD.  A Giant Caterpillar?  I mean, this is text book psychedelic fairy tale stuff here.

“Halt there!  Where d’ya think y’all’re goin’?” thundered the Giant Caterpillar, rayguns drawn and set to blazing.

“Uh, du-uh-uh-uh, Mister Giant Caterpillar.  Don’t you see we’re two reunited lovers riding off into the sunset together on our way to live happily ever after?  Who are you to stand in the way of such literary love?” Bunny retorted, cheeks turning red with rabbit fury.

“Oh-ho-ho!  Not so fast, you two.  I’m a field agent with the Bureau of Fairy Tales… ahem, that’s Sergeant Giant Caterpillar to you, little lady.  And we’re fresh out of happily ever after.”  said Sgt. Giant Caterpillar, flashing his badge.

“You’re out of happily ever after?!” Sr. Weirdo and Bunny exclaimed in unison.

Sucking up the hot yellow fire in her belly, Bunny let the officer have it.  “Yeah, right, Sarge.  And it’s Little Bunny, not little lady!  Anyway, me and Weirdo here are top notch storytellers, how come we never heard anything about this?  I mean, shouldn’t the pencilnecks and paperpushers at the Bureau have sent a memo out or something?  Just last week I riveted a rambunctious rabble of imps with a yarn that ended with happily ever after.  Where were you to ruin all my fun then, Sarge?”

“Tell all the tall tales you like, Little Miss Bunny.  That’s not my department.  I’m here to enforce the ban on storymakers, heroes and heroines, like yourselves.  See, a growing number of the common folk complained to the Great Fairy Tale Council that Happily Ever After was ruining their lives.  They said that their children were growing up with the wrong kind of magical thinking in their little heads.  Now not all magical thinking is bad.  Giant talking caterpillar sergeants, mythic bunny-human hybrids, and Jewish Mexicans…those are real magic beings, as we can all see clearly right here-n-now.  But believing that once you find your partner in life that the two of you will just live happily ever after is a big fat lie that encourages folks to be lazy.  In short, it inspires folks to stop living the life of adventure once they partner up.  So the Great Fairy Tale Council agreed in a 7-2 vote to abolish happily ever after.”

“Lemme get this straight, Sarge.  The Council banned happiness and you’re here to rob fun-loving mythical creatures like ourselves of it?  Sounds like the Bureau’s got a public relations nightmare brewing.  Whaddaya gonna do?  Give us a citation?  Do it!  Go ahead.  In fact, I insist you cite us AND arrest us!”  cried Bunny, now hopping mad.  Weirdo sank his head down into his collar and tipped the brim of his Zorro hat forward, wishing his woman would take a breath and not get them arrested.  He then sighed and removed his hat to his heart as he looked to heaven.  This revealed the yarmulke he always wore below his hero hat.  Weirdo bowed his head in a desperate, yet resigned prayer, which he ended by crossing himself like a Catholic.

Meanwhile Sgt. Caterpillar was not amused with Little Bunny’s rantings, but he had heard the other uniforms talk of her passionate explosions nearly every week back at the station.  In truth, it was more of a pain to lock her up and have to listen to her caterwauling all night from her cell not far from his desk.  Besides, he didn’t need any distractions once he logged in as Sheriff Take No Prisoners to online Texas Hold ‘Em poker later in his shift.  “Nooo, Miss Bunny.  There’s no need now to blow your top.  Just slow down a minute here, little lady.  I’m here to enforce the law which says that any couple found trying to escape to happily ever after shall be immediately given an adventurous challenge by the Oracle.  So, I’d like you and Señor Weirdo to hang tight for just a moment while I radio this in.”

“Geez Louise!” raged Little Bunny, angrily stomping to and fro.  “Who does this blustery blowhard think he is?  Doesn’t he know what we had to go through to get to this moment?  Doesn’t he know how long I’ve waited for happily ever after?”

Señor Weirdo looked at his lady with eyes spilling over with love.  He adored her brave, passionate heart, but she was gonna kill herself one of these days if she didn’t learn how to have a longer fuse.  “I know BunnyLove.  I know, “ he said gently while taking her hands.  “It hasn’t been easy to find each other again.  But look!  You love telling a good story, and happily ever after is, well, boring.  Just think of this new adventure together as another chapter in the epic tale you love to tell about us.”

After a few moments of Sgt. Caterpillar squawking into his little squawkbox, he turned to Little Bunny and Señor Weirdo with a somber face.  “I’m real sorry to do this to you folks.  You seem like a nice couple of kids who love each other dearly.  But your fate is clear and somebody’s gotta enforce it.  Señor, you’ve been summoned to slay dragons down on the Flooded Mesa of the Golden Eagle.  These dragons are threatening to steal all the stories of that land and keep them for themselves.  The children need you fight to keep the stories free for everyone, they’re counting on you.”

“It is an honor to be chosen for such an important task in my homeland.  Without these stories, the imaginations of children might shrivel up and die.  I accept this challenge wholeheartedly and humbly,” intoned our brave hero, Señor Weirdo.

“Yeah, totally.  And I’ll help!  I love stories.  I can slay dragons.  I even like the Flooded Mesa, though it is a bit stinky out at the teleporter landing station.” Bunny added excitedly.

Sgt. Caterpillar’s gaze fell to the forest floor.  “Whelp, I’d like to let you go with him, Miss Bunny, really I would.  I do believe in love and have a Mrs. Caterpillar of my own at home.  But the Oracle was clear.  You are to be sent to the Magic Desert by the Sea of the Spirits to await further instructions from the spirits of that land.”

Bunny’s little pink heart split in two.  “Are you serious?  Okay, look, I get that people feel lied to about the happily ever after bit.  Frankly, it’s a lazy way to end a story.  Another adventure means another story, and boy do we love stories!  But you’re saying that we can’t even go together on this next adventure?!  Doesn’t the Oracle know that we just spent the last few years on separate adventures and now we’ve finally reunited?  This isn’t fair!”

Sgt. Caterpillar sighed, his heart heavy.  “Ma’am, honestly, the Oracle knows everything.  That’s why she’s the Oracle.  It’s not for my little larval brain to question her edicts.”

Fury began to boil in Bunny’s belly.  She fantasized about jumping up and slamming that stupid caterpillar cop with her strong bunny hindlegs into next week.  But Weirdo saw that she was about to explode again, and he pulled her close.  “Lookit, Little Bunny, we’ve got every right to be disappointed.  After all this time, we just found each other again and now we’re called off in different directions.  But remember the other night in the woods?  Remember I told you that I don’t think life will be happily ever after for us and that I’m happy just to be with you, no matter what life brings us?”

“Yeah, but we won’t even be together!” Bunny pouted.

“Not just yet.  Not in person anyway.  But that’s not the whole truth,” whispered Weirdo, his eyes turning bright.  “You and I are always together, you are inside of my heart, and I’m inside of yours, just as we always have been since the moment we met.  At least, that’s what the Stars of the Desert told me way back then.  Remember?”

Bunny’s gaze caught Weirdo’s, her eyes glimmering back at his.  “I remember the story of the Stars of the Desert.  Stars are indeed wise.  Fine.  I don’t like that we won’t be together yet, but I’ll accept it and take on my challenge by the Sea of the Spirits,” said Bunny, straightening up her stance.

“And you won’t let your disappointment ruin your pretty face?”

“Yes!  Fine!  Grrrr.  I won’t let my disappointment ruin my pretty face.”

“I love you.”

“I love you.”

“Safe tra…”

And with that Little Bunny and Señor Weirdo disappeared from the edge of the Enchanted Forest of Oakland in a big-bright-brilliant-flash-of-light, off to their solo adventures in lands far away.

Outro:  Nina Simone – Love Me or Leave Me


Continue reading Little Bunny’s Epic Adventure here…

This Page is Under Construction ~ Plutonian Builders, Inc.

Where did Little Bunny Go?

Well, she’s been following her nose where most bloggers in Los Angeles fear to tread: inside the deep and twisted workings of her own little bunny brain.

The fact that she’s posted nothing new on the blog is not for lacking of trying. Rather, everything she’s written in the last week does not pass the sniff test. A long, long time ago, Bunny’s dad, the Reverend Tennessee Stud taught her that all sermonizing should survive the following questions:

Is it true?

Is it real?

So what?

So seeing as how Bunny’s brain droppings haven’t proven real enough, her creative overlords have prevented any further publishing until she steps up her game. It’s all in the name of quality control, folks.

Going Deeper and Weirder

Bunny’s home state, California, is known as the Land of Fruits and Nuts. So, for the fruitier and nuttier of you….Little Bunny is going through quite the Pluto transit at the moment. Go ahead and laugh at the dwarf planet if you dare, but in Astrology, Pluto symbolizes deep, slow (and often painful) soul transformation. Not super funny stuff, if you ask me. On Thursday, this realer-than-real planet stationed retrograde. Last week, if you felt that a whole bunch of deep psychological and emotional wounds (even forgotten ones) came to the forefront of your mind, then that’s what Pluto stationing retrograde feels like. Bunny’s getting a significantly heavier dose since this is all happening precisely on top of her Moon (emotions, deepest needs, the unconscious).

Pluto conj Moon

For those of you who think all this astrocrap is a giant steaming pile of hooey, please remember to…


For those of you who have only anger and contempt for my astrobabble, I sure hope you got your fill of burning witches in a past lifetime. Cuz this Little Bunny’s NOT gonna go out like that.  Whether you use real, actual fire or just the hot, sarcastic flames of the internet, you ain’t gonna take me out suckas!

Watch this space.  I’ll have plenty more to say upon my return from Hades.




Outro:   Johnny Cash  -  I Don’t Know Where I’m Bound

The Arab Spring Comes to Oakland for Lunch

Our regularly scheduled programming was delayed without warning (warning from me to you, that is). Thanks for hanging in there with me through the last few weeks. After launching the blog, I only had to wrap up my tenure at the coffee company, pack up all my belongings in storage, and drive from Oakland to Los Angeles to see my family. Sounds easy enough on paper, right? Sure! All this should have been old hat for this little gypsy. As evidence, I just made a list of all the places I’ve lived in my life, and on average, I’ve moved every 1.7 years. To those of you who are exhausted just reading that, know that my average is up from the last time I calculated that number. Just a few years ago, that average came out to every 7 months. To those of you who feel like you’ve now got more rambler’s cred than I do, I left some moves out, like the three different residences I called home in Buenos Aires. I should be a master domestic relocator by now, but this time, I finally admitted to myself that the packing-up-n-saying-goodbye part of my adventures is the most stressful, taxing thing I do to myself. And it’s almost always been worth it. So thanks again for your patience!

First, a quick shout out to the kids in the Bay…I love y’all! Thank you for all the lovely send-offs and hugs and well wishes! Thanks for the hot dogs and apple pie and coffee and beer! I’m gonna miss all you weirdos soooo much, especially the righteously raucous roastery crowd and the lovable eccentrics at any of my favorite watering holes. Commune with a redwood tree, commit to Meatless Mondays, conjure up a drum circle, careen around town on your bicycle and think of me!

Now, if you find yourself in Jack London Square, I need y’all to do me a favor. Please help my dear friend Elmy.


Elmy operates the Royal Egyptian Cuisine food truck that parks most days near 2nd and Webster, a place I used to frequent for lunch. Due to my time in Jerusalem, Middle Eastern food has a special place in my heart, and Elmy’s food is delicious, but it’s Elmy himself that really keeps me coming back. Cooking and hospitality are such deep parts of him, that I fear he might actually die if he does not have an outlet for his passions.

Ahem….uh, Little Bunny, that’s quite the dramastic statement you just made there.

I realize that, Inner Voice of Reason. But I mean what I said. If Elmy can’t feed and host people, then he’s lost one of his main reasons for living and I fear he might give up the ghost. Let’s give the kids an example together, shall we?


Last week I went there for lunch, and a woman who worked nearby strolled over to buy a soda. She just needed a quick sugar-caffeine break from a hectic, overloaded office. As she sat on a chair in his makeshift sidewalk cafe, Elmy came out of his truck to talk her up. Before I knew it, he said “honey, I’m gonna make you somethin’ special!” Like so many others I’ve seen there before, she tried to turn him down. I couldn’t stand it. I turned around and said, “Just say yes!” because Elmy’s little bites are a gift from God. He feels the divine when he cooks and serves you, and you feel the divine once you get a taste. She relented and a few moments later, he came out with a complimentary small plate for her to enjoy. After a few bites, he came back to talk her up again. She was really savoring his food and promising to come back the next day for lunch. While I’m sure Elmy was glad to get her business the next day, in that very moment, the joy on his face betrayed his real goal of bringing delight and sustenance to others.


But Elmy is about more than just hospitality and happy tummies. See, the City of Oakland is the most food truck unfriendly town I know of in California. Not only does Oakland charge higher fees than any other city in the Bay Area, but food truck purveyors get to chose between applying for a restrictive, anti-small-business city program or operating in a legal grey area. The city program (only a pilot program, I hear) requires food trucks to band together in pods of three that stay parked in pre-approved locations for three to four hours at a time. The program is pricey, as I mentioned, and one of the trucks must be the pod leader. If any of the paperwork of the other trucks lapses, it’s ultimately the responsibility of the pod leader to fix the situation or risk a fine. Before that, all food trucks in Oakland operated in a legal grey area, where they were first restricted to International Blvd., and later “allowed” to roam further afield.


Elmy’s too much of a firebrand to sign up for the pilot pod program (and he’s not a sucker, either). So every once in a while he has to deal with Oakland Police, who are responsible for enforcing food truck permits. (For non-Oaklanders, OPD only solved 29% of homicides in 2011, and often they base investigations of serious crimes only on eyewitness testimony.  So obviously they have the time and motivation to go after food trucks operating without a permit.) When the police roll around and hassle Elmy, threatening to cite him, Elmy stands up tall and declares in a loud voice punctuated by passionate, emphatic hand gestures, “I insist you cite me AND arrest me. Please! But just think what the newspaper will say tomorrow: 60 Year Old Man Arrested for Trying to Make His Own Living and Refusing Welfare!!!” This does the trick. From beat cops in squad cars all the way up to police captains in SUVs, every one of them shrugs (some chuckle) and then walk away without giving him a ticket (usually). I love that Elmy is not afraid to stand up for himself and to stand up to laws and regulations that make no sense.

IMG_0430  So, come for the yummy food served with a big heart and stay for some fiery, rebellious rhetoric. But please go. If I come back to the Bay only to find that y’all stopped eating at Elmy’s, I will be very upset. Conniption Duck Hissy Fit upset. You don’t want to see that and I don’t want to be that, so join Elmy’s Arab Spring. Go get some shwarma stat!


Outro:  Come on in My Kitchen – Robert Johnson


As an apple tree apples, I bunny…

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, when slick Willy Bill was president and boy bands reigned supreme,  an unthinkable opportunity landed in my lucky little lap.  Back then, I was an extra disgruntled teenager.  Had my family not moved to Los Angeles right before I started high school, I’m sure I would have been a normally disgruntled teenager.  But as a Bay Area native, I heaped a heavy dose of good old fashioned NorCal animosity toward SoCal on top of a seething bed of teen angst.  I had few friends and wanted desperately to get far, far away from the vapid, vacuous, vain, consumerist, hot mess of an upper middle class suburban nightmare I couldn’t wake up from.  As far as I could tell, I was stuck in sunny purgatory until graduation day.  I never expected to find any salvation from my situation, and certainly not on the church patio, but magic can call you to your purpose from the most unexpected time-n-space.

One clear, bright spring Sunday after service, a German parishioner approached me on the patio and asked me if I wanted to spend half a year in Germany.  This woman knew a boy my age in her home country who wanted to do a private exchange with an American girl adventurous enough to do the reverse.  He would live with my family for half a year, and then I would live with his for half a year.  While I was anxious, I felt as if this woman had handed me a Golden Ticket and a Get Out of Jail Free card all in one.  Of course I wanted to live in Europe for six months!  And so I did.  While my exchange with Christoph wasn’t always easy, I was bit by the travel bug and the infection quickly spread.  From there, I spent considerable time in Jerusalem and Buenos Aires, Argentina, with various short trips in between and throughout.  But when I returned from Argentina in 2007, all I wanted was to go back to the Bay.  I hung up my world traveler hat and set down roots in Oakland the best I could.  My passport collected dust.

Now, I don’t know about you, but for me, 2012 was an epic year of reckoning.  I won’t get into the nitty gritty here-n-now, but almost everything in my life was turned upside down.  By the end of my transformation (and the end of the Mayan calendar), I found myself at a magical dinner in Hollywood under the full moon with the man I’ve always loved most.  My guy lives in Mexico City, and I can’t think of a better reason to come out of retirement than to move in with him.  So I’m leaving my friends, my fun job at a hip Bay Area company, and my humble home in Oakland to rejoin the international adventure circuit with my favorite partner.

My next move in real life is to go to Los Angeles to see my family and prepare to take off for Mexico.  I’m short on the details of my immediate future, but you should always be able to find me here.  So stay tuned next week….same bat time, same bat channel!